May 2022

We are following closely Hi-Tech news and updates. Ryan Locke does a fantastic job of giving both the background and current status of HITECH rates for 3rd party requestors. Check it out here: HITECH: What’s Going On Now and When Can Use it Again?. According to Locke “Despite corporate pressure, the federal government wants medical records to be cheap and easy to access. I would expect future rulemaking to to trend towards that objective.”

Teaching new team members your office tech can be a little overwhelming. RayNa recently brought on a new team member and she was struggling a bit with the current layout of our project management tools. Her brain needed a calendar layout of projects and tasks that wasn’t available in our base package. But, the discussion opened the door for us to re-visit and explore new features with each of our tech tools. Don’t let new features and overall program updates hold your office back or feel like a disruption. Chances are there is an existing feature, add-on, power-up or integration that meets your needs without installing a brand new piece of tech.

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