July 2021

Two big conferences for law practice management geeks are happening this fall, Filevine LegalX in September and Clio Cloud Conference in October. The RayNa team is set to attend both. Keeping up with Filevine and Clio helps us maximize med record retrieval, learn about new features and 3rd party integrations, and is a fantastic way to connect to our network. We encourage you to check out one or both! Staying on top of case management updates will help your firm stay connected to best practices for your legal operations. Take advantage of the RayNa Discount and save on Clio Cloud Conference registration.
Prepare yourself…I’m about to say the 13-letter word we have all hated for the past year – communication. Since the pandemic we have been beaten down with communication tool options. What we now know for sure is that more communication isn’t better, better communication is better. Meet Slack. It’s so much more than a communication tool.  Here’s a brief video of a great group you can join – Resources for Legal. This Slack group started in 2020 has helped us stay connected, share legal tech tools, stay up-to-date on COVID relief options for our business, and just kept us connected when we were away from our friends in the community.