January 2022

The pandemic has brought many changes to our business – home offices, new communication channels, video chats, new office procedures and policies, and staff changes. What’s next? User portals and website user experience. Here at RayNa Corp we are redesigning our medical records intake portal. Changes will allow our users (both our law firms and our admins) to have a better experience throughout. We can’t wait to share the new changes! (If you are interested in outsourcing medical records – schedule a chat with us!).

Meet Tyrannosaurus Tech — tech developers to the rescue. Our medical records portal needed an upgrade and after an intense vetting process Tyrannosaurus Tech made the cut and boy are we impressed. Starting with their easy-to-read audit and their customer support this strenuous process of tech development and improvement is well on its way. Check them out here – they have mad skills.

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