April 2022

We start our day with dozens of tasks, looming hours ahead, and emails on top of emails. Our desire to scale quickly can also be the thing that kills our passion. So how do we stay focused? Can our focus and obsession for productivity prevent us from seeing the big picture? Yes, it can. The article Why Doing Too Much is Killing Your Passion For Work provides insight on how to manage your own productivity. Tips include: choosing meaning over productivity, understanding our limits, and prioritizing stimulating work.

Meet Lawmatics. If you think client follow up on active files is a challenge then you are probably not engaging old clients. Meet Lawmatics, they help you automate communication and “turn old business into new business”. Check out their workflow automation that helps you create campaigns for birthdays and holidays, create a newsletter, and track referral sources. You can find the right fit for you regardless of your firm size and choose from 3 different pricing plans. Watch the video on their homepage to see how it works.

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