February 2022

If you are not playing in the sandbox — you can still watch. A sandbox is a safe space for businesses to try innovative techniques using technology and/or deregulation to experiment.  In the legal world we have seen this in Utah and now in Arizona. The Arizona Supreme Court eliminated its ethics rules barring nonlawyers from having an economic interest in law firms or participating in fee-sharing.  It also streamlined advertising rules, and approved the licensing of legal paraprofessionals. This sandbox does have it’s own set of rules and guidelines and promotes adherence to professional principles. Those interested in legal innovation can apply for a special license administered by Arizona’s new Alternative Business Structure (ABS). You can learn more here: ABS.

Imagine a world with no documents to print, no envelopes to lick, and no trips to the Post Office. Meet Casemail. This mail service lets you upload, send, track, and verify delivery.  CaseMail does for physical mailing what Efax did for physical faxing. This will save you and your team time and the service is a U.S. Courts approved cloud-based communications platform. You can also upgrade your account and utilize the optional lifetime storage or take advantage of the Clio integration if you are a Clio user. See how it works here: CaseMail.

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