Collections Made Simple

Your time should be spent practicing law, not wrestling with invoices. We can make your bill collections faster and more efficient, freeing you up to do what you actually get paid for.

Get paid without the hassle

Spending your firm’s time and resources figuring out billing issues costs you money. Every minute you and your staff spend during the day not working on a case results in a missed revenue generation opportunity.

The vast majority of our clients save money by hiring us. We take the headache out of accounts receivable and turn your collections into a well-oiled machine, so you can spend your time practicing law aka, the thing that makes you money.


AOC indigent claim entry and fund advancement

We help most lawyers get paid within a week of filling a claim with us (not 6-8 weeks like the state of Tennesse). We’ll act as your in house paralegal, organize your current timesheets/invoices (and yes, even sometimes handwritten timesheets). We can help you learn the difference between billable and non-billable time, so you can increase your billables and decrease the time it takes to get paid.

Trust Auditing

We can act as independent auditors and unbiasedly dive into your firm’s operations to identify areas of your business that can be improved.
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RayNa’s Tool Box


Clio is our pick for practice management/billing software for many firms as it provides a ton of integrations and customization, without an overwhelming learning curve. The integrations

create an efficient way to run your business without spending too much time or money. Use the Referral code RAYNA to become assigned to us as your Clio Certified Pro Consultant.

Case mail

Casemail is a unified legal communications tool that allows attorneys to send, track and verify all of their electronic and postal communications directly from their computer or mobile device.

Why do we like it? Approved by US Courts, it helps you keep your records and communications organized.


RocketMatter is a practice management suite that helps you eliminate billing headaches, stop tedious, repetitive work and provides you with insights such as who are your most profitable

clients, matters and associates. Like other contemporary solutions, it is a cloud based software that can be accessed from just about any device online.


ONE400 is a law innovation agency that creates digital experiences that help law firms and legal technology companies connect with people who need their services.

Why do we recommend them? Because they have deep knowledge of how legal services and legal services products work and can help you launch a product or sell a service effectively.


Xero is an online accounting software for business. We recommend Xero because of its ease of use, substantial integrations and great reporting features. It helps you track expenses, invoice

clients and collaborate with your accountant so that you are both on the same page about financial matters.

Click To file

Click to file will help you increase your productivity by integrating with your email client. Click to file integrates with Clio and can send files from your inbox into your practice

management tool so that everything is kept organized. It can also help you track time and incorporate notes from telephone calls. is a virtual appointment setter that can help you save time by eliminating the back and forth typically required for arranging appointments and conference calls. You can use in your

inbox, on Slack and even on your website. We like it because it’s easy to you and quite frankly, it’s just one less thing to worry about.


I stumbled across Lori and her services from an online Webinar for timekeeping software. Immediately she empathized with our small law firm billing and accounting issues—mainly time constraints! Fortunately, I found Lori’s services to be affordable for our small firm, and I hired her to help switch us to a more efficient accounting application. During the transition period, Lori always responded timely to my questions via email and/or by phone call, and regularly kept me apprised of the progress on her end. (more…)

Kathy Crisp Floyd Finch Law Offices Blue Springs, Missouri

We at Greenhouse love our association with RayNa Corporation and Lori Gonzalez. Lori has such a heart to serve others by finding solutions to any situation that might be a barrier to their success. Lori was very instrumental several years ago in setting up the Free Rutherford / Cannon County Legal Clinic at Greenhouse. She remains available to refresh each host on duties, and keeps legal form files up to date when needed.

Jane Sharp Director, Greenhouse Ministries

RayNa has been an invaluable resource to me as an attorney moving into Tennessee from out of state and starting a new practice. Lori has gone out of her way to help me get started here both directly and through introductions. She is friendly, patient and hard working. She also understands what is needed and how to achieve the necessary result. I’m delighted to have worked with Lori and RayNa and highly recommend them.

Patrick McMurtray, Attorney

I am very happy that RayNa came along to fill a need in my law practice. Lori is patient, kind, and ever helpful. I am glad to be able to call her a business partner, but, more importantly, to be able to call her a friend. I couldn’t be happier with my partnership with RayNa. I trust Lori’s experience and applaud her work ethic. She is helpful, kind, and patient (even when I’ve asked the same question ten times!). Glad to be a client of RayNa’s.

Margaret Brady, Attorney

RayNa Corp is our #1 partner in the industry. I’ve worked with Lori for several years now and she’s so great with our clients that we literally consider her a part of our own team (and so do our clients!). I have actually had several tell me that I need to do whatever I need to do to keep Lori around for the long haul.

Brett Owens, CEO & Co-Founder, Chrometa

I am extremely pleased with the work done by The RayNa Corporation. From the very beginning we knew that we made the right decision trusting them with our medical record retrieval needs. Their systematic procedures and efficiencies have increased our receiving time from on average of 98 days to 85% of all records being received within 30 days. RayNa’s services have allowed us to settle cases faster and focus on our clients instead of being tangled in the never-ending task of waiting on medical records.

Bart Durham Injury Law